Saturday, January 7, 2012

January 5: T’was the night before sailing . . . and everyone was stirring

Sunset from Atlantis, above.
Moonrise, below.
This will be a short first post, as we are getting ready to sail. Last night we all enjoyed our last hours on land. Most of science team was exhausted from running around all day making last-minute trips to Home Depot. Despite the whirlwind of activity, it was hard not to pause and admire Atlantis catching the last rays of the sun with a nearly full moon over head. Some of us were even able to find time to enjoy one last drink before returning to the ship, as there is a strict no-alcohol policy on board. 

Who is on board
There are roughly 50 people on board Atlantis for the OASES cruise and about half are on the science team. The other half are members of Atlantis staff, comprised of officers, engineers, deckhands, and the galley crew, as well as the team trained to operate Jason our remotely operated vehicle (ROV) that will be exploring the sea vents. Everyone aboard Atlantis plays a vital role in the smooth functioning of the ship and the success of the expedition.

It is truly a symbiotic relationship.

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